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Client Testimonials in Albuquerque, New Mexico

"It's a pawn shop you pay or you lose your stuff. They helped me more than anyone else has"

- Mike S.
"I have had a bad experience with a prominent pawn shop and I believe I was taken advantage of and my confidence with pawn shops was not positive. However! I am re-encouraged by my experience with Mrs. B's and grateful for the professionalism, understanding and grace that has been extended to me by Jim and Mrs. B's on my treasured high school ring. I aIso understand that they have a business to run and that takes commitment and I respect that. I was recently married and I am an Iraqi war veteran who suffers from PTSD which also includes memory issues and they listened and helped me. I will pay a reasonable fee and still have my cherished ring that my late mother had given me. Awesome guys Ill' be back! Thank you!"

-Leo A.
"I've never pawnwe anything in my life- but have bought a lot of stuff from many paB's have always been congenial, honest, and fair prices on their used goods. I'm from our of town (Deming) but stop in every time I'm in ABQ, almost always find something I need at a fair price."

-Martin A.
"These guys are great to deal with....always give em a try"

- A Google User
"Really nice employee's and great guard dog! Wonderful prices, happy we stopped by here!"

- Travis H.
"mrs. b's has the nicest people there they always help me out on my loans and give extensions."

- Matthew505

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